What could be more memorable than the breathtaking sight of a flock of Snow White Love Birds circling the horizon and flying off into the heavens in celebration of your new beginning. Your family, friends and guests will be filled with awe by the beauty and amazed at the unique way you have chosen to conclude your ceremony. They will talk about it for years to come.

One of our trained staff, at a prearranged moment of your choosing, will release from decorated baskets a dozen or more snow white love birds that will soar to the heavens on their journey home, symbolic of you and your lover’s journey through life together. This is our most popular release and a real show stopper. If desired, just prior to release of birds, a friend or family member can read from a very brief, but comprehensive prepared statement, the meaning of doves and your love for each other. Doves are God’s symbol for love, peace and unity. All packages are priced according to location.



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